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Enjoy a healthier pool and avoid the chlorine shortage

CL Free is the only 100% Chlorine and Salt Free system to eliminate chemical-shocking Carbon dioxide, keeping the pH of your pool stable - just like world class aquariums.

Sanitization technology developed by NASA, Evolved for your home.

Yes, I want to go from my pool to my jammies!


Our Natural oxygen and ionic copper combination is the only system to eliminate chemical-shocking Carbon dioxide keeps the pH of your pool stable – just like world class aquariums.

Why go chlorine free?

There are negative health effects reported from the use of chlorine in pools. 

Skin dryness, hair bleaching and itching are indications of your body’s reaction to harsh chemicals. 

These chemicals cost money, are bad for your plants, and can impact a person’s health. 

Chlorine and harsh chemicals are taxing on pool equipment and can lead to high maintenance costs. 

Offensive odors and chlorine gas can impact your health and the environment.


  • Chlorine can cause irritation and dry skin
  • Chloramines may lead to the development of asthma and allergy issues
  • Chlorine is ineffective against resistant parasites
  • Chlorine may have long term health impacts
  • Chlorine and Salt pools can be toxic to plants and the environment


  • Chlorine levels need to be adjusted consistently
  • Alkalinity levels need be adjusted consistently
  • Cyanuric may need to be used for chlorine maintenance
  • Shock treatment may be required for algae
  • Chlorine storage can be challenging


  • Extra Chemicals for pools can cost up to $750 dollars a year
  • High amounts of water are needed for cyanuric acid and other treatments
  • Chemical controllers must be purchased to avoid manual maintenance.
  • Salt and chlorine wear and tear equipment (salt = rust)

The CL Free Solution

Cutting Edge Technology

The CL Free Solution from Berry Outdoors offers the only completely Digital Controller on the Market.  – Other Chlorine free systems require an oxidizer once or twice a week.

CL Free is the only pool solution that can Oxidize AND Ionize at the same time.  This copper ionization technique was first developed by NASA to clean water for astronauts during space travel.  CL Free brings this advanced water sanitization concept to your backyard.

CL  Free’s combination of the Digital controlled Oxidation and Copper Ionization ensures a pristine, sparkling pool, without the danger or  expense of harsh chemicals. Easier, safer, and more effective than chlorine, salt, bromine, ozone, or Baquacil.

Better for you, your pool and our environment.

The CL Free Difference

ChlorineSaltCL Free
Cyanuric AcidYesYesNo
ChlorineYesResidual chlorine possible No
Chlorine ShockYesMaybeNo
Harsh ChemicalsYesNoNo
Copper IonizationNoNoYes
Fully Digital ControllerNoNoYes
Compatible with all pools and spasYesNoYes
Natural Oxygen (oxidation / sanitation)NoNoYes
Automated CO2NoNoYes

At the heart of the CL Free system is copper and its ions (electrically charged particles).  Copper has been used to purify water for hundreds of years and became more popular when NASA scientists working on the Apollo Space Program used copper to purify drinking water for astronauts without the use of harsh chemicals.  The CL Free system charges copper ions which sanitizes the pool. Copper ionization has been approved for the EOA as a pool and drinking water sanitizer.  Which is why we say CL Free makes you feel like you’re taking a bath in bottled water, and you can go straight from the hot tub to your jammies!

CL Free is safer and more environmentally friendly than chlorine and can eliminate material like body oils, sunscreen, dead bacteria and more.  The electric oxidation process of the CL Free system occurs when a low voltage D/C current is sent to the platinum and titanium plates of the flow chamber.  The current in this process causes hydrolysis.  The hydrolysis during this process compliments the ionization (sanitization) of the copper ionization phase.  Together the copper ionization sanitizes (e.g. kills bacteria) and the oxidation process removes the sanitized material (e.g. removed dead bacteria).  CL Free is the only solution that can Oxidize AND Ionize at the same time.  Furthermore, this oxidation process ensures you don’t have to add chlorine as you would other “chlorine free” alternatives to oxidize your (supposedly) chlorine free pool.

With no expensive harsh chemicals to buy and the only completely Digital controller on the market, CL Free can save money, time and frustration.  The ionization and oxidation process of the CL Free system are run entirely through the digital controller.  The constant oxidation of CL Free removes bacteria and algae without the need for chemical shock.  Leaving you with more time to enjoy your pool and tub.  

While a salt pool is more safe than a chlorine pool, there can still be chlorine in a salt pool.  So, while the risks of chlorine to your health and the environment are lower, they are still present.  Salt water is bad for plants, the risk to your garden and pets still exists.  Salt and the associated chemicals required are still costly and require manual effort.  The corrosion from salt will cause equipment to rust faster unless fittings are changed to brass.

Ozone and UV pools can still create harmful byproducts when reacting to organic material.  To avoid potentially harmful compounds you must monitor the ph levels more frequently than a chlorine pool.  In order to be fully sanitized, an Ozone pool often requires a residual sanitizer (which is usually chlorine).  So, the costs, maintenance and risk of chlorine are not entirely eliminated.

About Berry Outdoor Living Construction

Getting a CL Free system through Berry Outdoor Living Construction means you have experienced and trusted Kansas City service providers on call.  For more than 20 years Berry Outdoors has built a solid reputation in the Kansas City area by delivering consistent, modern and reliable results. 

The winner of four Best of houzz awards for service and design, Berry Outdoor Living Construction takes their responsibility to the Kansas City Community seriously.  This made Berry Outdoors the perfect partner for the CL Free system and the only construction service provider in the Kansas City who offers the most cutting edge pool oxidation and sanitization on the market.