About Us

Since 2002, when Berry Outdoor was founded, Brett and his team have collaborated to create outdoor spaces that embody the perfect balance of beauty and usefulness. The company always endeavors to build living areas that feel connected to the home. Berry Outdoor specializes in merging the existing style and structure of the home into the new outdoor construction design. The goal is to produce a space that feels like it's been in place with the home for years, and not just an "add-on."

Another priority in the Berry Outdoor design and construction process is to work with homeowners to develop a space where people want to spend time, whether at the bar of the outdoor cooking center, fire pit, patio, or covered porch. When one of our designs becomes a large part of the homeowners' daily life, we know the project has been completed with excellence. Berry Outdoor consults closely with a Landscape Architect through the design process to ensure the space has the correct look and feel.

As an employer, Berry Outdoor, LLC seeks to empower its employees to learn, grow, and fulfill their potential. The company takes pride in maintaining healthy, open communication that is positive, productive, and professional. Berry Outdoor, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.