Landscaping Kansas City, KS The landscaped areas on your property are some of the first things that people notice when they visit your home or commercial establishment. These outdoor spaces also encourage you to spend more time in the open air. Landscaping requires creativity, skill, experience, and knowledge. When you want functional and appealing landscapes, you need experts like Berry Outdoor, LLC. to handle the job for you.

They are one of the leading companies that offer landscaping solutions to clients in Kansas City, Leawood, and Lenexa. They also handle projects for customers in Overland Park, Prairie Village, and Shawnee and have handled numerous landscape design projects in Olathe, Mission, KS, Kansas City as well as Lee’s Summit. The range of landscaping services they offer include:


Your landscape requires proper planning which includes taking into account aspects such as the available space, the layout of the property, different softscaping, pool construction and hardscaping features you need and more. The landscape designer that handles the initial consultation will take your ideas and preferences into consideration and provide plans and designs. They will use their knowledge about the different types of plantings and masonry materials to provide suggestions that can help make the spaces more functional and appealing.

Landscape Design

Designing a landscape is no mean feat. It requires a certain level of creativity, skill and a lot of knowledge and experience to get the design and theme of the outdoor spaces of right. This makes it important to hire an experienced landscape designer for the job. The professional will have detailed discussions with you at the start of the project to ensure that the landscape design complements the overall layout of the available space. They will also make sure that the features are planned well and that there is the right balance of materials, color, and texture etc.

Lawn Care

Regardless of whether you have a pocket-sized lawn or vast grassy area in your landscape, you need to ensure its maintained well. Lawn care extends much beyond regular mowing, and a lawn care contractor can ensure that your lawn spaces are cared for and maintained well. They will design customized lawn maintenance plans that take into account the grass species, type of soil, climatic conditions and more. The residential or commercial lawn plan would include aspects such as mowing, aerating, de-weeding, pest control, fertilization, re-sodding or re-seeding etc. In addition to this, the lawn care experts and will also check whether the drainage and irrigation systems on the lawns are working as they should.


Landscapers are professionals that provide a variety of services including landscape design and planning, installation as well as maintenance. When you are looking for landscapes, it’s important to find professionals from your local area. Ensure that they offer customized solutions, are experienced and have a good reputation in the industry. A company like this would be able to cater to your specific needs and will handle the job professionally and efficiently to ensure you have outdoor spaces that meet your expectations.

Creating a beautiful, functional and long-lasting landscape is about choosing good quality materials and hiring experienced professionals like the ones at Berry Outdoor, LLC. for the job. Not only will they provide custom solutions, but will also make sure that you get solutions which fit in perfectly with your budget.