Landscape & Design

Enhancing an outdoor space is exciting and rewarding. Charting a good path for a landscaping project starts with solid landscape architecture and design plans. Client interests range from very small residential landscape designs to large-scale, multi-phase commercial projects. Some designs require basic layouts with plant suggestions. Some landscape architecture plans require many layers of planning: basic plot, existing conditions, proposed grading, irrigation, electric and gas, trees, shrubs, perennials, soil amendments, construction drawings, design elements, and more.

Some clients are drawn to a clean CAD drawing. Some clients appreciate a free-hand approach with full-color, hand-drawn sketches to portray a concept. A talented landscape architect will adapt to client preference and provide many methods of rendering a set of plans.

Although based in the Kansas City Metro area, our landscape architect has provided expertise and plans literally around the nation.

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Landscape Design Themes

We have the experience, and landscape planning expertise required to use various features in the right proportion to create a balanced and cohesive look in your outdoor areas. While we design aesthetically appealing elements, we also make sure that they are functional, practical as well as durable and long lasting.

All of this involves having an excellent understanding of landscape designing technicalities and how different materials complement each other. We can create landscapes in various styles including Mediterranean, tropical, Zen, exotic, modernistic, contemporary, classical and more.

Custom Landscape Plans and Designs

In addition to various design options, our landscape design professionals will also show you material samples for approval. Since there are many different products and materials available on the market, it is crucial to have experts like us to provide you information about their pros and cons.

While some materials may look great, they may not be resilient. On the other hand, certain products have a lasting appeal and are cost effective as well. We keep all of these aspects in view while recommending any material for your landscaping features. It is this customized approach which makes us one of the most sought-after landscape design companies in the region.

When we design your landscape, you can rest assured that it will be a real value-add to your property. Our designers will also oversee the installation process to make sure that the layouts and plans are being followed to the tee. Our team is able to strike the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal, resilience, ease of maintenance and durability in the solutions they provide.