Outdoor Living Construction in Kansas City


The landscaped areas on your property are some of the first things that people notice when they visit your home or commercial establishment. These outdoor spaces also encourage you to spend more time in the open air. Landscaping requires creativity, skill, experience, and knowledge. When you want functional and appealing landscapes, you need experts like Berry Outdoor, LLC. to handle the job for you.

The landscaped areas on your property are some of the first things people notice when they visit your home. It’s this kind of curb appeal that creates the “wow” factor. It can increase the property value of your home which is likely the largest investment you own. When you combine beautiful landscaping design with functional outdoor living areas, you essentially expand the usable space of your home.

Berry Outdoor, LLC is one of the leading landscape design companies in the Kansas City area. We’ve been providing landscape design projects for the past two decades. Some of the landscaping solutions we offer include swimming pool installation, patios, decks, and landscape design. We have handled the design and construction of landscaping in Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, and Olathe. In addition, Berry Outdoor, LLC has managed pool and outdoor living construction in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and North Kansas City.


Your landscape requires proper planning, which includes the experience and skill of a seasoned professional. When Berry Outdoor, LLC designs your project, we consider the available space, the layout of the property, water features, hardscaping, plantings, and the style of the home. The landscape designer who handles the initial consultation will ask questions and listen carefully to your ideas and preferences. Once we understand your vision for your space, we will present you with a unique landscape design. We always do custom work, so you can be assured your landscape design will be an original.

Landscape Design

Designing a landscape is no small task. It requires a certain level of creativity, skill, and a lot of knowledge. Our designers use their knowledge about hardscaping materials and plants that are resilient in our climate. They will offer suggestions based on decades of expertise in the field. The professional will have several detailed discussions with you at the beginning of the project make sure the landscape design complements the overall layout of the available space. We will make sure the features are well planned to provide a pleasing balance of materials, color, texture, and light.


Landscapers are professionals who provide services including landscape design and planning as well as installation and maintenance. When you’re looking for landscapers, it is important to find a local professional who has experience in the area. You will want to work with a company that offers customized solutions and a solid reputation in the industry. A company like this will be able to cater to your specific needs to ensure you have outdoor spaces that meet your expectations. Creating a space with the perfect combination of beauty and usefulness is about choosing experienced professionals like the ones at Berry Outdoor, LLC. We can’t wait to see what we can build together.