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Sitting Walls

A well-designed outdoors will provide you a lot of benefits. You can have a relaxing outdoor ambiance, functional spaces, and safer outdoor areas. The aesthetic appeal of your property is also enhanced with the installation of various outdoor features and amenities.

Sitting Walls

Some of these vital installations are retaining walls, which can also function as sitting walls. If you want to improve the functionality of your outdoor space, we highly recommend this particular outdoor amenity.

At Berry Outdoor Living Inc., we build custom-designed sitting walls. We have already completed numerous seat wall installation projects in Kansas City and surrounding areas, so we know our craft very well. These walls are designed by seasoned designers and installed using the best materials available. The great thing about hiring us is that you can have your desired sitting areas at reasonable costs. We can reduce your cost by choosing a more affordable material but still offers durability and unique beauty. Dial 913-228-9287 now to get more details about our design and build services.

Custom Designed Sitting Walls

At Berry Outdoor Living Inc., you are guaranteed of stunning and durable sitting walls. Our designers will create custom designs that will suit the existing theme or architecture of your home. Our seat walls are perfect additions to your patio, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, and other outdoor living spaces. These features can by simply installed in the middle of a garden or as a decorative feature in your landscaping. Our designs can be freestanding, curved, straight, or integrated into a retaining wall.

Recommended Sitting Wall Materials

Your sitting walls can be made from any material that you may desire. But if you need help in selecting the best material for your sitting wall, just tell us. Some of the sitting wall materials that we typically recommend to our clients are concrete blocks, bricks, wood, and natural stones. These materials offer unique appeal that will surely make your outdoor space more attractive. Some of these materials will cost you more dollars, so you need to discuss with us your budget. We also consider other factors when choosing the right materials for your project. We take note of the location of your sitting walls, the specific amenities around them, and the theme of your outdoor or landscaping. Our goal is to create a sitting area that will blend well with other features in your property.

Excellent Installation Guaranteed

At Berry Outdoor Living Inc., you will get finely crafted sitting walls that can endure the test of time. Our installation team will follow the approved design plan and project specifications to ensure a successful installation. We also equip our crews with the right tools and equipment to let them work faster and more efficiently. Once we start the project, you will notice the methodological approach of our crews. We adopt this system to ensure quality workmanship in all phases of the project. You are also assured that the materials we use are all topnotch and sourced from reliable manufacturers.

Call us today at 913-228-9287 or visit us at our Kansas City office to discuss your ideas and plans.

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